The Fork in the Road Music Festival

About the event

A small-town musical festival on June 8, 2019 in Elora, Ontario, raising funds to support mental health. Featuring eight spectacular bands, food and alcohol sales, vendors, games, overnight camping and a whole lot more!

About the name

The name is both literal due to an actual fork in the road on the way in to the Elora venue and figurative as a way to represent the kids who get the help they need tend to go down one road and the kids who don’t tend to go down another.

The first annual Fork in the Road Festival was held in June 2018 on behalf of a small Canadian not-for-profit organization known as Hope4Help. Hope4Help is run by identical Toronto twins Kristy and Amy Hawke, who discovered a makeshift school in a small Kenyan village on a backpacking trip in 2006. Since that time, the sisters have raised money to educate, inspire and create a solid foundation for the school to grow by providing the same opportunities to children there that are so readily available to children here in Canada.

Why “Fork in the Road” in 2019?

Few of us have been untouched by the tragedy of two dozen suicides in an 11-month period starting in October 2017. The entire community grieves the loss of loved ones and friends, and will continue to grieve for many years to come. The feeling of hopelessness has been overwhelming, including for organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS), whose vision is that every child feels connected to a caring and supportive community and that they believe in themselves and their ability to reach their full potential. Clearly, more needs to be done to help make this happen, which is why BBBS is spearheading the creation of a hub to support mental health in the local community.

The Band*

Gates open at 1pm. Music starts at 2pm!

  • 2pm Glowan - Irish, Quebecois Northumbrian and Cape Breton traditional music

  • 3pm Avalon and Dom – big voice, big style (think Amy Winehouse!)

  • 4pm Ben and Carter – the only non-local band, these singer-songwriters are Port Elgin stalwarts

  • and totally fab!

  • 5pm Nick Gush and Pam Davies – acoustic gorgeousness

  • 6pm The Whoa!Bucks – professional musicians/local characters making the magic happen

  • 7pm The Shawn Connerys – big sound, big fun

  • 8:30pm The Boo Radleys - genre-bending collective that fuses funk, indie and jazz 

  • 10pm Mixx Tape – 80s classic rock

  • Midnight-2am - DJ and dance party

* Times may change

Coming from Guelph, take Highway 6 north, then turn left on Wellington Road 7. On entering Elora, you will see a small row of shops on the left with a Beer Store and a Home Hardware. Driveway is 10 metres north of this. Turn left into the driveway and when you come to the fork (about 700 metres along), stay right and follow the signs for parking.


For our annual golf tournament, The Cody Shepperd Project is partnering with Big Brothers Big Sisters in Centre Wellington. 
After our community was grieving six deaths by suicide through the Fall of 2017, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Centre Wellington wanted to be able to do more. They felt they needed to do something different to be able to provide their programs and amplify the voice of other organizations supporting youth who may be struggling or better yet be proactive with youth at risk as that is what mentorship programs are all about. After many months of discussions a plan is now in place to partner with other like-minded organizations that serve youth, that are non-competing, from both the for profit and not for profit and all be under one roof. This “hub” of services will work collaboratively to help youth navigate the rough waters of growing up. This “hub” will also provide a safe space for youth in Centre Wellington to do homework, be active, volunteer, get help, feel supported and be engaged. Many details are still being worked out as to how and when but with the help of many community members, this one of a kind space will happen. We are excited to see how this partnership expands and grows!


October 20th will be one year since we lost our son, Cody. We wanted to find a way to include our beloved community in celebrating the life Cody led while lending to the importance of being open about mental health. Our community has decided to dedicate October 20th to a day of Random Acts of Kindness in memory of Cody. We encourage each and every one of you to do even one simple act of kindness to honour our Cody. Thank you.